Little Purple Cardi

Kinda' got used to not blogging for a few days with the giveaway so its been hard getting back into it.

Here's a little cardi I made for Smem, as she hasn't got to many and a high proportion are pink.
Its a pattern called Cardigan Rose that I found on Ravelry. It as a quick knit and Smem seems to like it which is good.

On sad news, got a negative feedback in my Etsy shop this week. Someone who bought a pattern in February only sent me a message this week to say they never received it. So I immediately sent her on the original email with the pattern attached as before and also explained about checking in her junk mail folder for it. She got the pattern but still left a negative feedback, with no comment about why.
Is it really my fault if she didn't contact me for nearly four months to say she didn't receive the pattern? If I bought a pattern and didn't get it I would be on to the person after 2-3 days.

Rant over!


Boo! I bought something off of etsy and gave it two weeks with nothing, so i finally contacted the lady and she was so sorry she forgot and sent me something extra. It was super cool! I am not sure why someone would wait that long to contact you? Rather rude. Anywho I got some great info on Irish heirlooms from the seed company info you gave me. Thanks! (also I still buy from shops that have one or two negative feeds as this sort of thing happens often so I wouldn't worry about it too much)
ugliducklyn said…
It seems more than a little strange that she waited so long to say something. I see no fault with you, try not to dwell on it. :(

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