Do What You Love

I think this needs to be my motto for 2012 - see Johanna's post on OneRedRobin.

It will definitely be hard.  I've been finding it particularly tough at the moment to try and retain some piece of me.  Two kids is a lot of work, and the time for crafting is severely reduced.  Jesus, the time to just shower and  get dressed is reduced so knitting and sewing can't be the priority anymore.

It has also been made harder by the fact that I now have no space for my crafting supplies.  We had to separate the kids at night so all the bedrooms are now in use.  So now I have to find little spots all over the house to hide my stuff - and there is a lot of stuff. 

Maybe I should just spend the next few months making toys from what I have and trying to sell them to clear some space, rather than making new patterns.  It would help clear some space, and maybe clear my head too!


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