Fairisle Hat

This is supposedly a 4-6 year old hat which I had started to knit for Emily.  Once I had finished the main body of the hat though I just knew the crown was too small.  She does have a particularly large head!
So I just crocheted a little border around the hat and donated it to Oliver (he doesn't mind that it has a few hearts on it!)

So now I've started on another version for Emily, but in different colours so they're not too matchy-matchy!

And for those wondering, I have found a temporary solution for my craft supplies, and am starting to sort of get my head in order, as well as all my stuff!!  Pics to follow when I have it all organised.  Poor little Oliver just has to share his bedroom with me for the time being!


Ariel said…
He's getting so big and adorable. Oh yeah, the hat's cute too. :-)
miss aine said…
Thanks Ariel. He's a bit of a monster. He has his 8 month check next week so he'll be weighed then - can't wait to see how big he is now!

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