Sorting out the house

Not much blogging of late as I've been trying to just sort out a routine for myself around the house.  This whole 'two kids' lark is hard work!

First up was to set out what cleaning tasks need to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  This makes sure that everything is getting done, and nothing gets forgotten.  And it has made a bit of a difference to how our house looks.  It does mean I'm knackered though as I've loads to do every day, as well as minding the sproglets.  I have nice little lists written out in a diary so that I can cross off each task as its done.  Makes it so much more satisfying - I love crossing things off lists!

Next up was some organising of my craft stuff.  As I mentioned before, Oliver has agreed to share his little box room with me for the time being (!)  I got a few shelf units and packed as much stuff in as possible.  I also got a tool-storage unit for the wall with lots of little boxes so that will take buttons, ribbons, threads, etc once it goes up.  And a few extra shelves for the walls.
The little wardrobe is then just full of boxes of wool and material.
Its not exactly pretty..

but its getting there.

And now I also have a list of all the things I need to make.  A new hat for Oliver, presents for up-coming kids birthdays....

And I need to start thinking about the market I signed up for in April.

Its all go here!


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