Happy New Year!

To one and all. I actually had a nice New Year's. We just had three friends over, we opened a bottle of champagne, I got quite drunk. I haven't done that in a long time, and I'm feeling it this morning. Oh well!

I'm also a little miffed this morning. Turns out nobody reads my blog. Boo hoo! Not one comment was left for the December giveaway. I thought this month that I wouldn't publicise it in the forums on Etsy and Ravelry to see how many comments I would get. And there were none.

I did however get one sale of the pattern from one of my lovely repeat customers through Etsy.

A little glimmer of hope!

For the rest of the day now I plan to look at wedding dresses on the internet. Everyone keeps asking if I'm going to make my own dress. Kinda makes me feel like I should - bit scary though 'cause it would have to be absolutely perfect.

Lots of decisions to make.


Sara said…
Happy New Year Aine and many many congrats on getting engaged!!!!
And I read your blog! Dont stop posting. I dont think people are commenting as much as they used to on blogs since ravelry came along. Ive noticed a huge drop in comments on my blog, but it doesnt worry me too much. you have to figure out who you are blogging for- other people or yourself.
In the meantime, best of luck with the initial wedding planning, and dont feel under pressure to make your dress - you will be so caught up in other wedding plans!! see you tuesday!

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