Where'd all the good people go?

I've been listening to Jack Johnson the last few days.

I have to say, the state of the world doesn't seem to good at the moment. I actually cried watching the news yesterday evening when I heard about the creche incident in Belguim. To think of those women trying to protect the babies - it broke my heart.

However, there is some good out there, even if on a much smaller and insignificant scale. I bought lace on eBay to make my wedding dress. The seller was really nice and gave me the name of her shop in Etsy. While I checked it out, she also took a look at mine - and then send me a message to say it looked really nice and congrats on all the sales. Gina at FabricConnection.

She really didn't have to do that, but it made my day!

Can't really comment on most of my crafting at the moment as I'm going to submit some pieces to one or two magazines.

What I can show are the few ATC's that I finished yesterday - 'Sue with Present'.


Mary said…
yes, and I'm very pleased with Sue that you send to me, thank you very much!! and also a nice flutterby button !! lovely!

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