Bedsheet Toile

I had a very productive day today. C brought Smem to see his parents this morning so I had about 3 hours at home alone - woo hoo!

I made up a toile for my bridesmaid dress from an old sheet. It's from an old pattern of my mother's. It's quite simple but I think it will be nice - in navy, with a ribbon trim, or a sash or some beading or something to lift it.

I just have to try it on the two girls now and see how I have to adjust it to fit them.

As a family we've had a good two days - lots of family bonding time. Smem is turning into a real chatterbox. She is just chattering away at complete goobledegook all day long. She's so sweet cause it sounds like its really important, but we have no idea what she's on about.

Here's a picture of her having kisses with her dad,

And a picture of her new hairdo!


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