Change of Venue

So I ended up wearing the pink stripey dress to the wedding on Saturday. The green dress I had bought was just a bit too revealing around the bust area! And I ended up putting a mustard-yellow knit belt (that I'd gotten with a cardigan ages ago) around the middle. And it all worked out in the end.

In our wedding planning, things have changed dramatically. When I went into the church for mass on Sunday half of it was completely covered with scaffolding. And there's enough scaffolding still outside to cover the other half! So our wedding has been moved to Straffan, which is a little church closeby which is part of the same parish. But it does mean my head is in a bit of a fuss these fews days. It should work out though.

Not sure about this month's pattern yet. I haven't even started it! A bit obsessed by wedding stuff at the moment to be inspired.


Anonymous said…
Told you that colour would work!
miss aine said…
I know. I had the yellow ribbon all along. I just think the satin ribbon I had was too wide and didn't sit right. The knit ribbon was able to stretch around my waist better and didn't look so bad.

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