Snowy Beret

The ladies in the knitting group suggested I make a hat to go with my wedding cape, so that I can wear it after the wedding.

I had a pattern for a lacy-ish beret in an old CraftsBeautiful magazine. Its called 'Ooh La La' and is by Sublime Yarns.

When I had it finished I discovered, through Ravelry, that there are mistakes in the pattern, which explains why I ended up with unaccounted for stitches at the end of a few rows. I'm not sure that I totally like the pattern. I like it down at the brim of the hat but not how the detail decreases towards the top of the hat.

And its quite big. Oh course, as its me, there was no checking of gauge! So its nice and floppy/slouchy when I put it on, but maybe a tiny bit too slouchy.

Shows why you should always check your gauge ;)


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