Free Pattern - Hen Badge

As promised, my pattern for the Hen Badge.
1. Print off the picture below. It was drawn on an A4 sheet, but print it larger or smaller if you want to make it a different size.
2. Choose your felt colours and cut out all the pieces.
3. Sew the wing to the body.
4. Position the body, head feathers and tail feathers on one of the background pieces. Sew in position, catching the feathers behind the body.
5. Sew the beak in position.
6. Embroider the eyes and feet.
7. Sew a pin to the second background piece.
8. Sew both background pieces together all along the edge.
9. Pin your badge on!


Juanitta said…
Hi There,

Love your patterns and thanks for being so generous with them.

FYI, some of the links under your "Free Patterns" are broken. You have an extra "http//" in them.


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