Petite Purls

A while ago I submitted a design to the new online knitting magazine, Petite Purls, for their winter issue. And yesterday morning I got a lovely email to say that my design had been accepted! I'm so excited. Its the first time that I've submitted a knitting design to a magazine. Its just an online magazine, rather than printed, but its really causing a buzz in the online knitting world.

Check it out. Its just got patterns for kid-related stuff. The current issue has an absolutely darling ladybird coat/cardigan which I am itching to knit - if I manage to find the time!

Woo Hoo!


Ariel said…
Wooooohooooooo!! Congratulations, can't wait to see. :-)
Mama2KBR said…
Yay you! I wish I had your talent! Congratulations!!
sjanova said…
Congratulations! They include some really nice patterns -- I've been keeping an eye on them. And now I have a great niece to knit girl stuff for (along with two grandsons and two more grandsons early next year). Yay for baby things! Delighted about your pattern being accepted.

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