Free Pattern - Quilted Angel Stocking

I knitted a horrible misshapen stocking for Smem last year so I thought I'd better make her a nicer one this year. And as I've been doing so much knitting recently I decided to take a break from that and make her a quilted stocking.

I think it turned out quite cute so I though I'd share the pattern.

Materials: cream cotton for stocking, wadding, cream fleece for inside of sock, some green gingham (or other fabric of your choice) for angel's dress and top of sock, gold fabric for the wings, peachy felt for the head, some 4-ply yarn for the hair, embroidery floss in gold, pink and blue, sewing needle and white thread, some scraps of trims and beads for embellishment, some fabric stars to sew on.

1. First off print off the pattern pieces. I haven't learnt yet how to attach files to my blog so I've just uploaded jpgs of the pattern pieces. Print them out to cover an A4 page each. Cut out all the parts, and join the top and lower halves of the stocking together.

Page 1:

Page 2:

2. Cut out the stocking shape in cream cotton, the wadding and the cream fleece. Put the fleece to one side for the time being. Match together the cream cotton and wadding shapes and pin or baste together to hold in place.

3. Cut a border for the top of the stocking from the green gingham. About 3 inches wide is fine but you could make it thinner or wider as you wish. Turn under one long edge and slip stitch the border to the top of the stocking so that the raw edge meets the top edge of the stocking. Do for both the front and back.

4. Cut out two sets of the wings pattern from gold fabric. With right sides together, sew around the edge with a 5mm seam, leaving an opening in the bottom flat part to turn right side out. Position the wings on the stocking and baste centre of wings in place.

5. Next, cut the dress pattern from green gingham. Press a 5mm edging back under the fabric all the way round. Position the dress over the wings so that the top of the dress meets the top of the centre part of the wings. Slip stitch in place.

6. Cut the head from peach felt and sew in place. Cut two little small hand shapes and sew to either side of the body, using the photo for reference. Embroider two small blue eyes and a little round 'singing' pink mouth on the face. Cut 4 lengths of yarn, fold each in half, and sew to the top of the head, two on either side. Catch the yarn to the side of the head about half way down to help hold it in position.

7. Decorate the angel's dress with bits of lace, ribbon or beads as you see fit. The one is the picture has a lace edging on her dress which is decorated with beads, and there are bead 'buttons' on the top of her dress under her chin.

8. Use gold embroidery floss to stitch a small flat circle over the angel's head for a halo.

9. Position a few glittery fabric stars on the stocking around the angel and sew in position.

10. Shadow quilt around the angel and the stars, working stitches about 5mm from the edges to help make them all pop out.

11. Quilt some wavy lines down the stocking for some added interest. Quilt the back of the stocking with wavy lines.

12. Place front of stocking with right side facing to the matching piece of fleece. Sew together along the top line of the stocking with a 1cm seam. Repeat for the back.

13. Place the front and back of the stocking together with right sides facing and sew together, with a 1 cm seam, leaving a hole for turning in the toe of the inside fleece part.

14. Turn right side out. Attach a loop of ribbon to the top of the stocking so that it can be hung up.

Any questions, just email me!


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