Tutorial - Plaited Wreath

A picture heavy post today, but its all for good reason. I made this cute little wreath for my front door and thought I'd share how I made as it was really simple and really quick. You'd whip it up in a few hours.

You'll need fabric in red, green and white (or whatever combination you choose. Different golds would be nice, or blue and white...... or any number of possibilities!); some polyester stuffing; some thin white ribbon and some wider green ribbon; sewing needle and thread.

Cut a length of fabric in each colour 3.5 inches by 42 inches. You may need to sew pieces together to get the length. I used fat quarters of red and green so I cut two strips from the long side and sewed them together.

Fold each strip in half lengthways and sew all along the edge, about 1/4 inch from the edge.

Turn all the strips right side out and stuff well. A pencil or knitting needle is a handy tool to help with this.

When they are stuffed catch one end of all the strips together and work a few basting stitches to hold them in place.
Then start to plait the strips.

When you get to the end hold the end in place with a pin. Connect the ends of each colour strip and hold in place with pins, keeping the plait sequence correct. Turn in the ends of each strip and slip-stitch closed, adding in some more stuffing if needed.
Now the wreath is complete.
Use a length of thin white ribbon for the hanging loop. Fold in half and knot about halfway down the length. Tie the ends of the ribbon around the wreath (around the section where you joined the plait together to hide the join) and push the ends of the ribbon into the wreath to hide them.

Slip the green ribbon under the ribbon from the hanging loop. Tie into a bow.
Hang up your wreath and admire!


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