A Quandry!

Okay, so bad blogging again this week. Just can't seem to get any routine. I was out Tuesday night for our knitting group and then out Wednesday for choir practice (which has ramped up in the run-up to Christmas!).

Wasn't going to blog tonight as I've no photos to show. But I've been thinking about job related stuff and needed to vent/ask for advice.

Being a stay-at-home mam is great in the greater scheme of things. But I do find it a bit hard. Its just me and Smem most days, even at the weekend as DH usually has stuff on at the weekends or disappears into his office to write and record music.

So just me and Smem can be a bit much. I love her to bits but she's very strong-willed and its hard to keep fighting with her all the time.

So talk of going back to work has been bandied around. I have applied for quite a few jobs over the last few months but haven't got any interviews. Things are a little crappy in Ireland at the moment (to put it mildly). And DH doesn't want me to work 5 days a week as he doesn't want Smem to be looked after by someone else for so long. Part-time would be fine.

And it would be good for her to get time with other people. And to play with other children. To gain her own independence (not that that's in short supply!).

But no jobs are forthcoming. So last night DH said I should make a good go of my crafting/knitting. He suggested writing a knitting book.

It seems kind of daunting, and I'm a bit of a pessimist when it comes to following my dreams. I never think it will happen for me.

So this evening I've been doing some light research on Ravelry. Seeing what other designers have done. Ebooks seem to be a good route to take to start out. You can sell a few patterns for a discounted price and there are no printing costs or distribution worries.

Its just making that leap of faith.

Although when I have no job or job prospect anyway then its not so much of a leap. Maybe!


Ariel said…
Try the leap. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I don't know about Ireland but maybe with your pattern income you could put Smem into some kind of preschool for a couple of days a week to give you both a break.
Anonymous said…
Go for it!

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