We are go!!

If I thought I was in a bad mood yesterday, I knew nothing. Ended up in tears this morning on the couch. This motherhood lark is hard. Think I just need a break. Or a sleep in!!

But the lovely messages have spurred me on (that and some biscuit cake that my parents gave me yesterday. yummy!). So the knitting has started, although it will be while before there will be any book. Maybe just an ebook to start with. But there's plenty of time to research that.

But it does mean there will not be a new pattern in the shop this month, so no giveaway. There will however be a free pattern on the PetitePurls website at some stage though.

And I'll definitely let everyone know when that comes out. Whoop whoop! Any day now.

(On a completely different matter, check out the new doll sewing patterns for sale through Wee Wonderfuls.Beyond gorgeous. I just love her work)


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