The night before Christmas

What a rush this Christmas has been. Today I was still finishing off presents. And I went to the shop to get more wrapping paper, as I'd run out, and some supplies to bake cookies but forgot a vital ingredient - butter.

Although it was never going to be a great day. Smem decided she didn't want to sleep last night around 1am. I hadn't gotten to sleep at that stage and didn't get her back into to bed until after 2am so I was a bit tired this morning!

Looks like some parts of Ireland with have a white Christmas this year. Not here though I'd say. The weather has been unusually cold here the last few days and our road was like glass this morning. Myself and Smem had a very treacherous walk to the shop this morning.

But enough of the talking, some photos. I had wanted to post photos during the week but my camera had run out of battery and I kept forgetting to charge it.

Firstly, the textured shawl I finished a few weeks ago. Finally pressed it this morning before wrapping it. Hopefully my friend will like it.

Next the finished Asphodel scarf, finally pressed also before wrapping.

And lastly, a group of bugs all ready to go to little kidlets this Christmas.


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