Getting productive again

The crying baby is still present in this house but I'm learning how to manage her better every day. Playing her cd's constantly helps!

For the last week or so I've been working on a scarf. I used a recycled yarn that I bought months ago on Dwanda. Its made from silk, linen, cotton and others and is kind of shimmery. Its got a lovely weight once knit so I thought a fancy evening scarf would suit it.

I got the pattern on Ravelry. It was super easy to knit and really quick.

I finished that last night so today I started knitting a hairband of my own design, and actually got it finished in a few hours. I just need to get a picture of it on my head and then I may put it for sale in my Etsy shop (need to make some money!).

Today I also started piecing together a baby quilt today and got the patchwork finished this evening (see what I mean about being productive!). I need to add a border and then quilt and bind it. Can't show pictures 'cause I'm going to put the pattern into Irish Quilting once finished for consideration, although its quite simple so it may not be suitable.


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