Sick Week

Oh my gosh, what a week.

Smem was sick on Monday, as you know (Thanks Leanne for your comment. It was quite distressing. I just wanted to cry I was so upset for her as she seemed so scared. Poor baby!)

Tuesday we took it easy, to recuperate from the sickness. I went to bed early Tuesday as I was pretty tired. Smem has taken to waking between 5-6 in the morning absolutely screaming and unconsolable until she gets up and is brought downstairs. She then just keeps rubbing her eyes all morning as she's too tired and goes back to bed around 8-9.

Wednesday morning when I got up with her I felt awful. My stomach was all cramped but I just put it down to tiredness. Later in the morning I got sick and C said he was feeling ill too. We're blaming it on prawn-fried-rice that he cooked the night before. C took to the bed at 2.30 and didn't get up again that day so I was left to look after Smem.

It was not fun. Luckily I didn't actually get sick again until that night but I felt rotten all day. Its the first time I've had to look after her while being sick (I normally don't get sick at all) and it was awful. It was the one time when I would have super appreciated have family and friends living close by so that they could take her for a few hours.

Yesterday I still felt awful. C was starting to feel a bit better. Today we are both better again, but definitely not back to normal.

I hate being sick!!

Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow and might actually get some crafting done. I had so many plans for what I was going to do this week.

Such is life!


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