May Giveaway - KISH

*** 25.05.09 This giveaway is now closed ***

This month's giveaway is now open. Up for grabs is a pdf knitting pattern for .....


He works in the city in the financial district. He's very good at his job so he made lots of money, enough to buy a big house in the country. Its kinda' lonely staying in such a big house all by himself so his friends, Kapoor and Kelly, come and visit him every weekend.

Leave a comment (and some way for me to contact you, either by making your profile public, giving your own blog address or your Ravelry or Etsy name - if you leave an anonymous post you can't win 'cause I can't get your details to send you the pattern) and be in with a chance to win.

One winner will be picked at random on Monday morning.

Good Luck!


Ariel said…
He's adorable but the hat makes him even cuter. :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh Bugger! I just bought that pattern too.

Well done!

Do you ever sleep?????
Kat said…
SO cute! My son wants one RIGHT NOW.

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