Monkey Business

Things are starting to sort of return to normal here now. Apart from the baby who is not really sleeping (think the 'eye' teeth are coming through) and is flat-out refusing to take a bottle any more.

C's former boss had a baby at the start at the week so I got busy making a present - a monkey. This is quite an old pattern I have from a Patons book 'Gift Ideas'. The pattern was okay to knit but the making-up instructions were pretty sparse - I'm spoilt doing Jean Greenhowe patterns all these years!

He's a cool, old-school monkey.

Smem was so out of sorts this evening that I gave her the Louise doll I made last week. First things first, she took off her shoes, then left her lying on the floor.

I suppose its to be expected. Smem refusing to wear shoes (or socks for that matter) so I shouldn't be surprised that her toys are not allowed to wear them either!

I still haven't got a chance to catch up with all the blogs that I read. And it won't happen tonight as its Eurovision night (woo hoo!).

Maybe tomorrow.


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