Reversible Dress Doll

Yesterday C took Smem out to visit friends so I got a chance to do some interrupted sewing. I half thought about doing some dressmaking but then decided to have some fun making dolls.

I came up with my own pattern shortly after Smem was born (Molly and Sabrina) but haven't felt confident enough to write it up into a pattern for sale. So I decided to work on this pattern some more. I changed the hair and made her dress reversible, which also means there are no exposed seams.

This one has one crocked leg so she's been donated to Smem.

Now its just a case of how the hair holds up when Smem plays with her - the ultimate test!


Irena said…
I love these dolls! I used to make very similar ones a long time ago. I gave mine thumbs, but no thumbs actually match "no toes" better. Yours look very happy. Thanks for all the good craft links!


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