Felt Ornaments

I joined Etsy FAM (Fabulous Artistic Mothers) this week. One of their events is an ornament swap before Christmas.

I had already seen a brilliant tutorial by Laura at Bugs and Fishes for some lovely felt ornaments. This is my version of her heart ornament. She also has easy to follow tutorials for sequineed baubles and mini christmas puds.

Inspired by all that I tried this star. Its not finished yet as it is just pinned together,

And I also tried this bauble-type thing. I think I will go with this one for the ornament swap.


heather said…
ooo! you're getting all christmasy on us now huh?

i was given a questionable ball of red EYELASH yarn. eyelash yarn is questionable in any case... but i didn't want to attempt anything which would involve locating loops in the silly thing.

so i made POM POMs, just big wacky pompoms.

i'll post some pics tomorrow.

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