November Giveaway - Fred the Squirrel

The November giveaway is now open. Up for grabs is a pdf knitting pattern for Fred the Squirrel:
He's about 7.5 inches tall, including his ears, and sports a jaunty scarf.

Leave a comment by Sunday night and three will be picked at random on Monday morning.

Good Luck


Nora said…
Awww... Fred's awfully cute. :)
shelly said…
really really cute. i often go for walks in a park near by and feed the squirrels peanuts. a friend of mine recognizes squirrels by name and they seem to know her by name. i wonder what the squirrels woul dthink if they saw a fred the squirrel knitted up..would they think it looked like them. i so want to try this experiment..
berny said…
He is so cute!
And you make a great job!
Nicole said…
ohh wow so cute! i would love him!
Dehbi said…
Nice blog...I love Jemima Jane! She is a real beauty.

Fred is a real cutie! Reminds me that I don't know when I last saw a squirrel in my neighborhood!
MarieAngel said…
He's a real cutie. :)
We have lots of squirrels around here, but they are all black. We rarely get the grey ones anymore.
Fred would be a welcome addition to my zoo :D

Starkie81 said…
He is so cute! We have squirrels at work and I knitted a mascot, but this is way cuter and I need to knit this one!
sjanova said…
Fred is just perfect for my friend who collects squirrels. I think I might have the right colors of yarn, too.

sjanova on Ravelry
Teddys Mom said…
How cute! My toddler squeals and says "rrrrrrrAT!" whenever he sees a squirrel...not quite sure where he got that from, but I know he'd love this! ;~)
Teddys Mom said…
So precious! My toddler squeals and says "rrrrrrrAT!" whenever he sees a squirrel...would love to make this for him!

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