I feel so clean!

When we moved in to our house here in Celbridge we discovered that although the shower worked, the pressure in it was ridiculously light. There just wasn't a hope of washing yourself. It kinda felt like someone was drooling on you. Awful!

So the bathroom was added to the long list of jobs to be done. Given that it involved tiling, among other things, C put this job off and off. But last weekend he finally got finished and just had to give the plumber a call to come and install the new shiny shower.

He rang Roy on Monday and was in the house within two hours - he is a keeper, for sure.

So now we have a fully working shower. I tried it out this morning. It is so long since my hair has been this clean. Rinsing it using a jug while you're in the bath is not the best - so old-school!

In crafting news, I am still working on the quilt (Will it ever be done?). I've got over half of it quilted now so I'm on the home stretch. It needs to be done by next Monday and after that I'm taking it easy. I need a life with no deadlines at the moment.

Next Monday will also be the first of December so I can legitimately start playing my Christmas music. I LOVE Christmas! Woo Hoo!


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