Smem and myself went down to Wexford for my god-daughter's birthday (the one in the red). Smem enjoyed being around lots of other kids. And it was fancy-dress so she got to showcase her fairy princess costume again.

We got back on Tuesday so I could go to knitting. Priorities!

Yesterday we all took a family day to the zoo - me, Smem and C. Smem couldn't see over most of the fences and didn't bother to look at most of the animals that we pointed out. Me and C enjoyed it though.

Here is one of the baby elephants.

In serious trouble at the moment trying to get my quilt done. Smem is taking up so much of my time. Still, I have until the end of next week so it should be okay.

I'm also trying to get another knitting pattern out for this month for another giveaway this month. It will be a squirrel, possibly wearing a hat, so stay tuned to be in with a chance to win.


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